Death By Careless Driving

Most of us use our cars on a daily basis. Some people spend many hours a day on the road. Inevitably this means the chances of being involved in a road traffic accident are high. Many accidents will be minor but there are an increasing number of accidents which result in a fatality. The consequences of a death mean a driver will be questioned by the police and a prosecution is invariably inevitable. Many people who face charges of causing death by dangerous and careless driving have no experience of the criminal justice system and no idea of what will happen throughout the police investigation and Court process. Simon Burn Solicitors specialise in defending these serious motoring prosecutions. Our solicitors understand the whole process from start to finish and are able to offer advice and assistance from the early days of a road traffic investigation to charge and prosecution through the Magistrates and Crown Courts.

It is distressing for any person to be involved in an accident where death results and even more so when charged with causing death by careless or dangerous driving. We will defend you through the process in a sensitive, patient and supportive manner. Our high standard of representation will extend to both the person facing the prospect of prosecution and the possibility of conviction and others, such as family members, who are inevitably affected. Great care is taken to ensure your distress is reduced to a minimum.

Causing death by dangerous and careless driving are serious criminal offences. Both attract lengthy custodial sentences and a minimum 12 month driving ban. However a prison sentence is not always inevitable. In our experience a well prepared and presented case can often result in a person maintaining their liberty. It is however important to act immediately by seeking specialist assistance from solicitors who specialise in motoring law and serious crime. Failure to act or seek advice from a solicitor experienced in this area can seriously prejudice your position.

We are able to prepare your case effectively and efficiently by face to face consultation, over the telephone, by email and fax. We will work to suit your personal situation. Funding representation can also cause distress. Understandably anyone charged with a serious offence wants the best representation. We have experience in assisting clients in obtaining funding under their motor insurance or home insurance policy and have secured funding even when an individual has been advised this is not available. We can deal with your insurance company for you and we will ensure you place yourself in the best position and receive the very best representation. If you do not qualify under your insurance policy we will offer a competitive rate or deal with your matter on a fixed fee basis.

Do not delay. Your liberty, your family life and future are important.

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